Meet Dr. Frost

Dr. Stuart L. Frost is a highly sought-after speaker and leading orthodontist in the orthodontic industry. His passion for beautiful smiles extends far beyond Frost Orthodontics as he empowers other orthodontists to strengthen their skills, business practices, and patient outcomes.

His contributions range from one-on-one consulting, speaking in front of thousands, facilitating in-office courses, podcasts and youtube videos. Dr. Frost is an associate clinical professor at the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni Orthodontic School for over a decade.

Dr. Frost has created a unique in-office course focusing on Esthetics and finishing beautiful cases. This hands-on clinical course emphasizes everything from diagnosis to treatment planning to finishing the orthodontic case. Orthodontists from around the world travel to Mesa, AZ and spend a few days with Dr. Frost and his talented team. Additionally, Dr. Frost travels to forums and conventions around the world presenting his clinical cases and beautiful finishes with the Damon System.

Dr. Frost is passionate about new technology and innovation. Because of his reputation as a cutting-edge provider, companies like Ormco, Wave Ortho, Oral 4D, and OrthoFi have asked for his help in designing products that improve both the patient and staff experience to further advance the entire orthodontic community.

Esthetics & Finishing In-Office Course Video
Lecture Schedule
02/10/2017 University of Pacific Damon Clinic - lecture in the morning & seeing patients in the afternoon
02/22/2017 Damon Forum - Champions Summit
02/23/2017 Damon Forum Main Day Lecture - "Five Key Considerations to Achieve Beautiful Results”
02/25/2017 Damon Forum - moderating the Rising Star lectures
03/03/2017 University of Pacific Alumni Meeting - Accelerated Treatment in Orthodontics
03/10/2017 iCAT Meeting, Las Vegas - Using Conebeam 3D to Enhance Our Practice and Patients Experience
05/11/2017 through 05/12/2017 Romania
05/13/2017 through 05/14/2017 St. Petersburg, Russia
05/19/2017 Frost Orthodontics - Esthetics and Finishing in-office course
06/23/2017 LSU Alumni Meeting - Damon System and Passive Self-Ligation
06/30/2017 through 07/01/2017 Australia, Noosa & Melbourne - Damon System
07/17/2017 Webinar at 5pm - Propel
09/07/2017 through 09/09/2017 European Damon Forum - Various lectures
09/15/2017 through 09/16/2017 Paris Ormodent - Damon System
11/17/2017 through 11/18/2017 Frost Orthodontics - Esthetics and Finishing in-office course