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We believe your smile has the power to change your life!

Dr. Frost goes beyond straight teeth to create the most aesthetically pleasing smiles, using cutting-edge technology, with the support of our skilled professional clinicians. Specializing in adult and child orthodontics, the office is designed to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. At Frost Orthodontics, not only do we create World Class Smiles with Braces and Invisalign, we focus on our patient’s airway for better breathing and a healthier lifestyle. We treat TMJ issues, Sleep Apnea, Headaches, and other jaw related problems. Dr. Frost is a specialist in Botox for orthodontic and TMJ treatments, and offers a variety of laser services.

Dr. Stuart Frost is one of the most sought after orthodontists in the world. He’s known for crafting wide smiles using the Damon System. Smiles created by Dr. Frost are featured on all of the Damon System promotional materials, and his before & after cases are studied by students and professional orthodontists globally. Choose to work with a doctor who is continually setting new orthodontic standards and refining his skills, for the best smile the industry has to offer!

Dr. Frost cares for each patient with a spirit of service and community, and he empowers his team to emulate this caring attitude. While we create your beautiful smile, you’ll build friendships here at Frost Orthodontics!

Why Does Everyone Love Dr. Stuart Frost's Orthodontic Office?
Welcome to Our Family
With passion for our patients and excellent teamwork, you will have an amazing treatment experience at Frost Orthodontics. We love our patients and want you to love your smile!
Frost Smiles
We think the best way for you to learn about us is to meet a few of our patients. Their stories are far more interesting than anything we could ever say about ourselves.
They are my favorite dentist. They do everything fast and efficient. If your child needs braces, this is the place to go. Their high tech office gets things done fast. I got my braces in about 20 minutes! Come here and you will love your new teeth!
My son needed some preliminary x-rays and evaluations done. Dr. Frost's office gave us free consultations and treated us as if we were the most important patients that they had. The office ambiance was amazing and we look forward to working with them in the future.
Frost Orthodontics is great. Dr. Frost is super nice and friendly. His whole team is very kind. I especially love the massage chairs before appointments. I also think the points is a great idea to encourage people to wear their rubber bands, etc. and the rewards are great.
This place is amazing and the employees really know how to do their job. They are also very nice and warming to patients to ensure visitors have a good appointment. The points system is fun and a good way to encourage careful habits with braces. Frost is a great place to go to get braces and feel welcome.
Dr. Frost is an amazing doctor. He knows what he is doing so I don't have to worry about anything. The people there are amazing as well.
The staff at Frost Ortho are super nice and welcoming. They work well together and treat you like family.
I never thought I'd actually be excited to get my braces on! The perks of being a patient include massage chairs in the lobby, fresh baked cookies, and the chance to earn gift cards. Dr. Frost is a cool, smart guy!
I have three kids at Frost ortho and couldn't be happier with the service they're receiving. Dr Frost is very detail oriented and pays attention to the little things that make a big difference with overall facial structure - he's not just worried about straight teeth.